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Wild Alaska Salmon

Alaskan Wild Salmon -

Wild and not farmed, Alaskan salmon is hand selected, expertly hand filleted, & then immediately flash frozen for the best possible fresh salmon taste and shipped overnight to your home or office. Wild Alaskan Salmon are super healthy & delicious!


Alaskan Wild King Crab -

Alaskan king crab is indeed the Deadliest Catch and there is a reason men risk their lives for it. Harvested from the ice cold waters of the Bering Sea, it is simply the premier seafood of the World!




Please support these fine Alaska distributors and online sellers of Wild Alaskan Salmon and other delicious Alaskan seafood:

R&J Seafoods
Kenai Select Wild Alaskan Salmon
PO Box 39752
Ninilchik Ak 99639
Phone: 907-567-3222

R & J Seafoods of Kenai, Alaska

Leader Creek Fisheries, Seattle Office:
Phone: (206) 782-5456
Fax: (206) 706-2594
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Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood
PO Box 602
King Salmon, Alaska 99613
1 (907) 246-7883
1 (866) 648-9453

Bristol Bay Seafood Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
PO Box 274
Naknek, Alaska 99633
1 (907) 246-4261

Alaska Fresh Seafoods, Inc.
105 Marine Way
Kodiak, Alaska 99615
1 (907) 486-5749

Salmon Recipe of the Month

Baked Wild Alaska Salmon with Fresh Basil

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons minced fresh basil
2 tablespoons fresh parsley
2 tablespoons of lemon-pepper
2 tablespoons of garlic salt
1 tablespoons of oregano
1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper combined with 2 tbsp lemon juice

6 salmon steaks, cut 1 inch thick, approx. 8 oz each
(or a 3 to 4 lb fillet of salmon )


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, mix all ingredients.
2. Brush salmon with mixture. Bake until just opaque throughout, 15 to 18 minutes depending upon thickness of salmon.
3. In the alternative, fillets may be grilled skin side down while basting the top of the fillet frequently with the mixture until done. Serves 6.

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United Fishermen of Alaska

Alaska Independent Fisherman's Marketing Association

Alaska Outdoor Adventures

Bristol Bay Lodges

Alaska Department of
Fish and Game

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join the Renewable Resources Coalition

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